I had a great experience with Priscilla!

 She was professional, kind, and answered all my questions. She has an amazing collection of design supplies, so I drew out my vision and she created. For me that was the best part that she could take a stick figure drawing on an envelope (lol) and make my nails flossy. I strongly recommend her service and refuse to get my nails done anywhere else.

(She even let me mix her glitters. That was the best part!!!)

I really love her nail work, Any time I come with a design Priscilla is willing to take the challenge and give me exactly what I’m looking for!

My nails stay slayed by only the best okay.. I've been going to Priscilla since she graduated from Cosmetology School!

I've seen her grow from this sweet young girl, into this powerful business woman.She always works with my busy work schedule and I truly appreciate  her for that ,Because I need my nails done! NO ONE can freestyle my nails  the way she does mine!

Kandy, 31- VA

Ukiah, 20 -TX

Regina, 54 - TX


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Business owner of "Priscilla's Palace." 

She's a 27 year old  Entrepreneur,

breaking her way through the BIG world.

 With God Priscilla and her team stand strong to make sure your experience here is a Great one!

Available By Appointment Only!

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Priscilla  Walker

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